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Contains No: Soy, Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Nuts, Eggs, Animal Products, Protein Isolates, or Ingredients with GMO Equivalents.

The Most Versatile Protein on the Planet


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Is there a hole on your menu Tepa can fill?

Leave no customer behind! Add your culinary spin to delicious, sustainable Tepa™ center of the plate proteins? Versatile and accommodating to all dietary philosophies.

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What is Tepa?

Tepa is the sustainably sourced, locally handcrafted, premium plant-based protein. More descriptively, our NEW Tepa brand products are 100% plant-pure. We combine whole Tepary Beans, whole Sunflower kernels, whole Oats and whole grain Blue corn, with fresh and seasonal whole vegetables, wood smoked spices, whole sweeteners (pure honey, pure maple syrup, organic whole coconut sugar), and 100% pure oils (olive or coconut).

What makes Tepa so nutritious?

Awesome ingredients!

Tepa Brand Products are made from high-value specialty foods. Starting with the amazing Tepary Bean and lots of our High Mountain Sweet Kale(TM). Using complete foods Tepa offers all the flavor, and nutrition of each ingredient, combining them into bioavailable complete proteins, complex carbohydrates and great flavors.

A 3.5 oz serving of any healthy Tepa brand product:

  • is High in Protein & Vitamin A;
  • is a Good source of Vitamin C, Iron & Fiber.
  • is Low or Reduced Sodium,
  • is Zero cholesterol
  • is Lean (Original and Sausage)
  • has a low glycemic index.

Where does Tepa come from?

Tepa™ is a brand of Local Alternative Inc., headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Tepa grew out of a local need for a superior plant-based protein that supported the local economy. Taking advantage of the local food sheds 5000 ft elevation gradient and coinciding microclimates, we’ve chosen the most valuable local ingredients as the premise for all Tepa brand products. Tepa’s premium nutrition is founded on one of the most nutritious legumes, the Tepary bean. Tepary beans are grown for us on local native Tohono O’odham lands by Ramona Farms (http://www.ramonafarms.com/) with virtually no water in the Sonoran desert.

We believe in the importance of knowing where our food comes from. We maintain respectful yet accountable relationships with the producers and farmers that we source from and that grow for us. Handcrafting Tepa, we diligently and lovingly control its sourcing, production and distribution. Doing so ensures consistent quality of the farm-fresh ingredients received from local companies and the value-added Tepa brand products we create from them.

Where can I #EatTepa?

Freshly prepared from many flavors every eatery serving Tepa, serves it differently. Consider them Tepa Mecca’s and share your favorites places to #EatTepa.

How does tepa arrive?

Tepa brand proteins arrive raw, frozen and vacuum sealed. Tepa comes ready-to-use, like ground beef.

Does Tepa contain any allergens?

Tepa Original contains Pasteurized Egg whites.

Tepa Burger, Tepa Sausage and Tepa Italian contain Organic Certified Coconut oil and /or Organic Certified Coconut Sugar. The USDA considers a coconut to be a tree nut.