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Tepa® brand products contain complete proteins and complex carbohydrates.  Thanks to their composition of premium whole foods, all Tepa brand products are filled with broad nutritional diversity and deep nutritional density.  All Tepa varieties are high in or good sources of protein and low or reduced sodium and contain no cholesterol.

Tepa® Burger is the go to all-purpose plant based meat alternative.  Like ground meat, Tepa can be shaped by hand or machine.  Tepa Burger has a simple deep flavor with notes of fresh garlic and natural wood smoked spices.  Griddle it for burgers, season it further for taco ground or cook appetizer sized finger food nuggets for dipping in your favorite sauces. All Tepa varieties are readily fried into elevated versions of falafel or hush puppies.




Hey Jonathan, Actually had a Vegetarian couple come in for 3 consecutive dinners here just because the loved the way we did the Tepa burger and the crumbled Tepa on the pizza.  They were very happy and pleased with the quality of the product.  …Thanks.

Executive Chef
Yavapai Lodge
Delaware North Corporation
Grand Canyon National Park