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Tepa’s premium ingredients and consistent quality are captivating meat-reducers and non-meat eaters. Imagine the amazing dishes you could make for the rapidly growing plant based market with a center of plate protein as versatile as ground beef, that is free from all common allergens?

Imagine you had a new healthier protein option to add onto any pizza or offer in a meatless Bolognese? Tepa® Italiano has a rich herbaceous flavor.  It is fast and easy to roll Tepa into meatballs, crumble it on a pizza, or dress it up as a meatless Parmesan cutlet.




Our first Tepa client returned from their self-guided river trip and they loved the Tepa! I just received their reviews and they thought that it was easy to use and nutritious. I have also been putting it in all the menus that now have veg heads and vegans. I also have some people really excited about Tepa for the entire group of rafters and paddlers.

Moenkopi Riverworks
Director Food Services