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All Tepa® brand products are delicious, ready-to-use, value-added opportunities to offer consumers appetizer and entrée options that truly peak their interests. Tepa clients consistently report that these center-of-plate, premium, plant based proteins are worth coming back for time and time again.

Tepa® Original’s southwest flavor comes from indigenous ingredients like locally grown Tepary beans, fire roasted sugar chilies and our High Mountain Sweet Kale™. It portions directly onto a hot surface and fully cooks in 1/2 the time of ground beef or chicken and just 25% of the time of frozen pre-shaped veggie burgers. Tepa Original contains egg whites and honey.  All other Tepa flavors are 100% plant based.




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[Diablo Burger is] Surprisingly excellent for vegetarians, they have a grilled cheese and a [Tepa®] veggie burger that are out of this world.  I love to add Chevre, a fried egg, chimichurri sauce and sweet pickles to the veggie burger.  But they have a wide variety of tasty options.  Everything is served with thin, rosemary fries that are impossible to resist.

Irina H. July 2016 Diablo Burger January 4, 2017