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Tepa® brand products are made from fresh vegetables, whole legumes and whole grains; in small batches.  This empowers our efficient and cost effective ability to develop and deliver custom flavors.  How could your restaurant, chain or venue benefit from a plant based protein with your own special flavor profile?

Tepa® Sausage has a bold flavor that stands on its own.  It pops with fennel seed and sage, smoked black pepper and the sweet and heat of pure maple syrup and chilies.  Tepa® Sausage is just as delicious served for breakfast in a potato-veggie scramble or on a breakfast sandwich with eggs.  Owning its touch of heat and sweet, Tepa Sausage also serves great as burgers, sliders or yummy hoagie patties with slaw and bbq sauce on the lunch or dinner menu.




Tepa’s quality, robust flavor and artisan nature really complements and fits into what we do. The preparation of over 8 hours to make our signature Pulled Pork results in the same profit margins as the scoop and cook Tepa product.

Jamie Thousand
Flagstaff, Arizona