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Local Alternative’s the only food manufacturer in the region that can work the way we do and meets our sustainability criteria, quality and food safety standards.

Director of Sustainability
Xanterra Parks & Resorts
Grand Canyon National Park

Hey Jonathan, Actually had a Vegetarian couple come in for 3 consecutive dinners here just because the loved the way we did the Tepa burger and the crumbled Tepa on the pizza.  They were very happy and pleased with the quality of the product.  …Thanks.

Executive Chef
Yavapai Lodge
Delaware North Corporation
Grand Canyon National Park

Our team in the back of the house is so pleased that Tepa Burger is faster and easier to prep into patties than ground beef.  We get lots of one-visit customers who ask about the ingredients in our food.  Having multiple delicious, whole food based Tepa allergen-free options we have more diners purchasing meals instead of just snacks.  Thank you for making it easier to satisfy the masses.

Assistant General Manger
Painted Dessert Diner
Ortega Parks, LLC.
Petrified Forest National Park

Alright! 24 hours later, we have made a few dishes with Tepa. First off, my gf is a pescaterian, which means that all dishes that need a meat, like chili, are made in both vegetarian and meat varieties.  No longer! Tepa is our new compromise. You’re bringing couples together with this food!

We have done an indian curry with fried Tepa, also eggs and Tepa. Both were good. The flavor is unlike anything she’s tried and she’s a raving fan now.  She’s snacking on a piece as I’m writing this…

So, really awesome product!

Food Entrepreneur

Our first Tepa client returned from their self-guided river trip and they loved the Tepa! I just received their reviews and they thought that it was easy to use and nutritious. I have also been putting it in all the menus that now have veg heads and vegans. I also have some people really excited about Tepa for the entire group of rafters and paddlers.

Moenkopi Riverworks
Director Food Services

Tepa burgers were a hit on our river trip! Thanks!

Netzky burgers (Tepa) exceeds our standards and our patrons’ values. We love it!

Flagstaff & Tucson, Arizona

We love Tepa and love supporting the deep local foods network it ties us to. The product is versatile enough to make smash burgers, just like we make our beef burgers, enhancing our brand.  As a $2 upsale to any burger, Tepa is the most profitable sandwich on our menu.

Bernadette Chavez
Flagstaff, Arizona

Tepa’s quality, robust flavor and artisan nature really complements and fits into what we do. The preparation of over 8 hours to make our signature Pulled Pork results in the same profit margins as the scoop and cook Tepa product.

Jamie Thousand
Flagstaff, Arizona

Hi Jonathan

Everyone seems to love Tepa Sausage, nothing but great feedback. We love how easy it is to use too!

Chef Chic
2009 NAWBO Business Women Owner of the Year
2009 ASBA SASIE Award winner
2008 USPCA Personal Chef of the Year
2007 Tucson Newspaper 40 under 40 winner
2007 ASBA SASIE award winner for Best Customer Service
Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America

Just cooked up my tepa mix for my tacos and I absolutely love it! It is delicious and easy to work with! Thank you so much for adding to my food options. I am so grateful🙏🏼💃🏻

Stopped in [at Proper Meats + Provisions] after reading all of the great reviews…  I did not expect a meat shop to have a vegetarian option let alone have one that tasted amazing!  For a meat shop to offer that option says a lot about their ethics.  Their meat options are local and cruelty free as well.  Thank you for making these options available and putting so much care into what you do!

March 2016

Delicious!  [Satchmo’s BBQ is] very nicely decorated and cozy inside.  Very friendly staff.  [Tepa®] Veggie burger was great…Great BBQ sauce and sweet potato fries too!

July 2016

[Diablo Burger is] Surprisingly excellent for vegetarians, they have a grilled cheese and a [Tepa®] veggie burger that are out of this world.  I love to add Chevre, a fried egg, chimichurri sauce and sweet pickles to the veggie burger.  But they have a wide variety of tasty options.  Everything is served with thin, rosemary fries that are impossible to resist.

July 2016